Terms & Conditions

The website paidbd.com notifies the users of the site that when owning digital financial assets and when making transactions with digital assets, there is a risk of losing personal financial assets. The value of digital currencies is highly volatile and there is a risk of losing money when exchanging, holding or investing in digital assets. So far, financial activity related to cryptocurrencies is not regulated at the legislative level on the territory of the Russian Federation. When working with digital financial assets, there are other risks not stipulated by this User Agreement and the Administration of the website paidbd.com.

General provisions

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement, User Agreement) governs the relationship between paidbd.com and Users of the paidbd.com website. By using paidbd.com (the Site), by registering an account (the Account) to use the paidbd.com service, you agree that you have read and accepted the terms contained in this Agreement as well as in the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of the User Agreement, you may not use paidbd.com.

1. Eligibility

1.1 You hereby agree and confirm that you are of legal age to accept these Terms, and that you have not been suspended or barred from using the Service previously.

1.2 You are not using the Service on behalf of a legal entity.

2 Terms and Definitions

2.1. paidbd.com - is a website providing, by means of p2p-payments, exchange of digital and electronic currency.

2.2 Service is a system of providing Internet services for exchanging digital and/or electronic currencies.

2.3 User is a natural person using the services of paidbd.com.

2.4 Digital Currency means Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other currencies based on blockchain.

2.5 Electronic currency - funds in the accounts of users of electronic payment systems (Qiwi, Advcash, PerfectMoney, etc.).

2.6. payment system - software and hardware product, developed by the third party, which is a mechanism for accounting monetary obligations, as well as the organization of mutual settlements between registered users.

2.7 "Service" means assisting in digital currency exchange P2P transactions between physical persons as well as other services, information about which can be found at the Service window.

2.8 Payment is a transfer of digital currency or fiat money from the User to the User or Service, as well as in the opposite direction.

2.9 Order is the expression of the User's intention to use a Service by filling out an electronic form on the Service website, under the terms described in the Agreement and stated in the parameters of the Order.

2.10. Partner is a person who provides the service to attract the Users, the terms and conditions of which are described in this Agreement.

2.11. Card Verification is a verification of the card (or account) belonging to its owner. The Service specifies the conditions of verification of the card's ownership and it is made once for each new account (card) of the User.

2.12. Exchange rate is a value ratio of two digital currencies at their exchange.

2.13. "Messages" means e-mail messages.

3. Terms of use of the account and conditions for creating an exchange request at paidbd.com

3.1 The website paidbd.com is intended for personal use only. By registering on the site, you consent to the transfer of accurate data about yourself to paidbd.com in accordance with the policy of processing personal data on the Service. You also agree that you will not use any other account or attempt to gain unauthorized access to other users' accounts.

3.2 We may also conduct additional verification of your information and request from you any required documentation and data related to the exchange (passport, card photo, card verification video, funds sending receipt and other required data) for any reason related to your use of the Services and/or as supporting evidence for any information you provide. If the conditions for providing documents are not met, the Service has the right to refuse to provide services and initiate a refund to the details of the sender in accordance with the regulations.

3.3 Service paidbd.com has the right to suspend transactions and withhold funds from the User, in order to prevent fraudulent or other actions that can cause financial and reputational losses for the Service or the User, for the period required for financial investigation and obtaining details of the transaction from the payment gateway or the issuing bank.

3.4 You acknowledge that You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your Account information, including Your password, protecting Your own Digital Currency, and for all activities and transactions posted to Your Account. You understand that any public access to your registration information may expose your Account to unauthorized access by third parties, which may result in the loss or theft of Digital Currency or funds from your Account, including linked accounts, such as linked bank accounts and credit cards.

3.5 Your Account is for your personal use only and not for use or access by a third party. You are solely responsible for all acts or omissions of any third party accessing and/or using your Account.

3.6 You agree that You will not use the Services for criminal activity, money laundering, illegal gambling, or terrorist financing. If the Service, in its sole discretion, determines that activity on your Account is suspicious or related to prohibited activity or illegal transaction, the Service may suspend your Account, block any outstanding transactions, reject any subsequent transactions.

4. Services provided on the website paidbd.com

4.1 The services of the Service paidbd.com are ordered by the User by sending the corresponding Application via the website paidbd.com.

4.2 By using the services of the Service, the User confirms that he or she legally owns and manages the fiat money and electronic and/or digital currency involved in the respective Payment.

4.3 The paidbd.com Service enables the User to exchange electronic and/or digital or fiat currency in real time.

4.4 By submitting an Order, the User instructs and the Service, on its own behalf and at the User's expense, performs the exchange and transfer of digital and/or electronic or fiat currency to another User.

4.5 Within the time frame set by the Regulations (depending on the direction of the exchange) from the moment the funds are received from the User in the amount stated in the respective Application, the Service is obliged to transfer the received electronic or fiat currency to the details and the amount stated in the Application, unless force majeure circumstances prevent this.

4.6 The Magnetic Exchange reserves the right to cancel a User's request for exchanging digital and/or electronic or fiat currency if the payment has not been credited to the account of the Service within twenty (20) minutes from the moment the request has been submitted.

4.7 The Service's obligation to send (transfer) the received digital and/or electronic or fiat currency to the User is deemed fulfilled at the moment the digital and/or electronic or fiat currency is debited from the respective Payment System account of the Service, which is recorded in the transaction history of the respective Payment System.

4.8. paidbd.com will make reasonable efforts to ensure access to the paidbd.com services and website in accordance with this Agreement. However, paidbd.com may suspend use of the site for maintenance purposes and will use reasonable efforts to notify you in advance. Thus, you agree that you assume the risks associated with the fact that you may not always be able to use the services and website of paidbd.com or perform urgent transactions using your account.

4.9 In exchange requests in which the Source currency is cryptocurrency, the Service guarantees the fixation of the rate after the first confirmation of the transaction in the network. Until the confirmation is received, the request can be recalculated according to the exchange rate if it changes by more than 0.5%. If the payment is not received within 20 minutes the request is automatically canceled.

- For exchange requests in which the currency to be received is any cryptocurrency: every 5 min, your exchange rate is recalculated. Our exchanger will fix the exchange rate in your request if the exchange rate changes by no more than 0.5%.

- For exchange requests where the source currency is cash, the system will recalculate the exchange rate every 5 minutes until the Service partner actually accepts the funds.

4.10. If funds are received from the User after the request has been cancelled (after the time set), the exchange rate for such a request will be recalculated according to the exchange rate at the time of payment. (A deviation from the exchange rate is possible in the course of the exchange rate parser's work within 1-2 minutes)

4.11. Requests for acceptance of any cryptocurrency paid with violation of the regulations will be processed automatically as follows:

If the User paid the request within 20 minutes, but the sum was less or more than the specified, the exchange rate of such request will be recalculated according to the exchange rate at the moment of payment. (The rate can deviate within 1-2 minutes within the framework of the exchange rate parser)

4.12. If the User has paid the request, but due to circumstances wants to cancel the exchange, before the fulfillment of the request, the refund will be made minus 3% of the payment amount, the commission within the payment system, and the rate difference (if the rate has changed by more than 3%). No financial claims are accepted after the request is executed.

4.13. If the User's card is on the black list of the Security Service of the payment system and when trying to transfer to it the account is blocked, paidbd.com reserves the right not to return the funds to the User.

4.14. The application is paid solely through the payment form on our website (merchant), which is available after clicking on the "confirm" button. Unauthorized payment by requisites is not allowed. Otherwise, the application may be canceled.

4.15. The Service reserves the right not to apply the terms and conditions of the Partner program to cash-based transactions.

4.16. In accordance with the Qiwi Offer, any payment made through this payment system may be stopped for additional verification by the Qiwi Banking Security Service for up to 48 hours. Following the decision of the Qiwi Security Service, the funds will either be transferred to the recipient or returned to the sender. If the client's transfer is checked by Qiwi SB, after the transfer has passed the check and reached us, the application is automatically restored and the Service reserves the right to recalculate the application at the current exchange rate.

4.17. The regulation of transfer of funds to Visa, MasterCard, MIR cards is from a few seconds to 5 working days. In practice 99% of transfers are credited instantly. Payment by several transactions is also possible.

4.18. The Service uses a technically complicated software product and admits a possibility of technical failure. The Service reserves the right to deny the execution of the agreement in such cases with further refund to the user's account in full.

4.19. If the amount of the cryptocurrency sent by the User is less than 0.001 in equivalent (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc), the Service reserves the right not to return them.

4.20. The Perfect Money payment system can suspend transfers for verification for 4 to 24 hours, after the funds have been transferred to our account, the application is automatically restored and the Service reserves the right to recalculate the application at the current exchange rate.

4.21. Transactions are checked by Amlbot service and processed according to our AML policy.

The return, subject to approval by the Service, will be processed by the Service within 7 (seven) calendar days, starting from the date when the User was notified with the decision of the Service regarding his return request.

4.22. Exchange Service does not conduct a full KYC check of your credentials, so AML services may mark our transactions P2P Exchange High Risk, Risky Exchange, which may correspond to the level of risk up to 50%.

4.23. If you have made a deposit via a network that we do not support, to our unique address that was generated under the application, and we have to return the funds to you, then we will withhold 10% of the deposit amount due to additional costs to resolve this situation. The refund may take up to 7 (seven) business days, starting from the date when the User was notified with the decision of the Service regarding his request for a refund.

5. Warranties and responsibilities of the parties

5.1 Service paidbd.com is financially responsible to the User in the amount of the electronic asset or electronic money, which have been transferred to the Service paidbd.com to fulfill the Application.

5.2 Service paidbd.com provides services for the exchange of electronic assets or electronic money.

5.3 Service paidbd.com shall not be liable to the User for financial losses caused by illegal actions of third parties, which cannot be predicted or prevented.

5.4 The User is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information and data that he provided during registration. If the User has entered incorrect personal data or provided incorrect data for the execution of the Application, paidbd.com Service is not responsible for any losses of the User resulting from such an error.

5.5 A letter (Email) with confirmation of the date, time, details, exchange rate and amount of the exchange is sent to the User before the execution of the application, to verify the correctness of the specified data. After confirmation and payment of the request by the user, the service automatically performs the request at the rate stated in the letter (Email). Incorrectly specified email address is regulated by clause 5.4.

5.6 Change of any data in the application is possible only by request from the mail (Email) specified at its creation.

5.7 Service paidbd.com is not responsible for any delayed or unrealized applications, caused by an error of another Payment system or bank, specified by the user in the executed application. The user agrees that in such a case, all claims will be sent to the payment system or bank. Service paidbd.com will provide the necessary assistance for filing a complaint or claim to another partner or bank.

5.8 In case it is detected that communication flows are tampered or any adverse effects on the normal functioning of the software code of the Service, which are directly or indirectly related to the User's Order, the execution of the Order is suspended by the Service, and the Order parameters are recalculated according to the current conditions or, in case the User does not agree with the recalculation, the electronic asset or funds are returned to the payer's details.

5.9 Service paidbd.com is not responsible for partial or total non-compliance with these Terms of Use, if it was the result of force majeure circumstances that cannot be prevented by reasonable measures.

5.10 The service paidbd.com does not provide fundraising services, does not provide payment for goods or services of other suppliers.

5.11 The operator has the right to request additional information from the user (for example, to confirm age, provide documents or otherwise undergo verification)

5.12 If after the verification of the bank card the user has sent money from another card (account) or used the services of third parties to avoid the direct transfer, the Service reserves the indisputable right to

- termination of the contract with the user unilaterally,

- return of the funds received to the source of their receipt,

- withholding 20% of the received amount as compensation for the Service's labor costs.

5.13. The Service paidbd.com has the right to refuse to perform the exchange operation, if the transfer of the electronic asset to the Service's account has been made without making an Application by means of user interfaces on the Service's website. The e-currency transferred to the corresponding accounts of the Service by the User without having submitted an Order via the user interfaces on the Service website may be returned to the User on request with the deduction of the payment system commission.

5.14 The information about the User, personal account and information about the transactions is stored on the server and cannot be deleted.

5.15. The time of response of the Service paidbd.com to the User's requests can be up to five working days from the date of receipt of the User's request.

5.16. The Service is not a tax agent for the User and will not notify the User about their tax expenses. The User agrees to pay all taxes required by the tax laws of the place of their residence.

5.17 In case the Service is required to pay taxes or settle debts resulting from the User's failure to pay taxes, the User agrees to reimburse the Service for all such payments.

5.18. You can get support through the online chat at the Service website paidbd.com and/or send an e-mail to support@paidbd.com.

6. Force Majeure

6.1 Neither the User nor the Service shall be liable to each other for delays or failure to fulfill their obligations resulting from force majeure events, including natural disasters, fire, floods, terrorist acts, changes of government, civil unrest, failures of payment systems, power supply systems, communication networks and Internet service providers.

6.2 In case the order is executed, the Service is not responsible and does not compensate for damages if the User has provided incorrect details when filling out the order. In this case, the Service is not obliged to take action to return such funds.

6.3 In case the User has mistakenly transferred money to details other than those provided by the Service for paying for the order, the Service is not responsible for and will not indemnify and will not be obliged to take any actions to refund such funds.

6.4 Bank account blocking.

- In case the User's account has been blocked as a result of an attempt to transfer funds from the User to the Service, the Service will make every effort to help the User. It will also provide other details to pay for the request (if technically possible). The decisions and actions of the bank employees are not within the competence of the Service, therefore the help provided by the Service can have only an advisory nature.

- In case the account of the Service is blocked due to the transaction of the User, the order can be suspended. The decision to resume or cancel the application is made by the Service unilaterally, individually in each case. This decision is possible only after the Service has received the documentary evidence from the Bank of the availability/absence of funds received from the User.

7. Final Provisions

7.1 The Terms and Conditions are agreed to electronically by the User during registration. The agreement with the Terms and Conditions published electronically is valid and identical to the written agreement.

7.2 Service paidbd.com has the right to unilaterally make changes to the Agreement by publishing changes on the Service Website. Changes come into force from the date of publication, unless a different date for the entry into force of the changes is not additionally defined at the time of their publication. The User has the right to terminate the contractual relationship with the Service paidbd.com because of his disagreement with the change in such Terms. The User must notify the paidbd.com Service of their disagreement with the change of the Terms and termination of the contractual relationship by sending a corresponding email to support@paidbd.com.

7.3 Service paidbd.com has the right to send to the User on the specified e-mail information about the status of the exchange process, as well as other information, including advertising. The User can unsubscribe from advertising mailings by clicking on the appropriate button in the received letter.

7.4 The information posted on the site, including all graphic images, text information, program codes, etc., is the property of paidbd.com and is protected by copyright laws.

7.5 The administration of the Service has the absolute right to refuse to provide services to any User if the rules of the Service are violated.

7.6 The User confirms that he/she is familiar with all the provisions of these Terms and completely accepts them.

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