About Us

Our PaidBD has got gifted hands as all transactions are performed in a manual mode and he can handle any situation.

Our PaidBD is up to date and fashionable. He also has Telegram, Facebook and Whatsapp pages which you can subscribe for.

PaidBD enjoys working not only with electronic currencies but he also pays a great attention to transactions through bank cards.

Of course, as all serious PaidBDs, he has got his own servers and cloud decisions for his old friends. You can be sure in reliability and increasing opportunities.

Our PaidBD is very clever and he possesses a unique algorithm of setting best prizes on the market in comparison to competitors. In addition, he can also suggest the best exchange rate in the most requested directions.

Even though the course can be the lowest, PaidBD will always find for you a few tokens for recommendation and a few more for loyalty. You can learn more about PaidBD’s partnership program here.

PaidBD can become your merchant and receive any currencies right on your web-site, as well as create checkout pages and in automatic mode withdraw funds to your wallet.

Read more in your backoffice PaidBD has got a very warm backoffice with wonderful desktop. Join in and you will get a real support from great service of his team.

  • Work: 10 AM to 11 PM
  • @AsiaPaid_Exchanger
  • +8801627-918327
  • Operator: Offline 00:55