1. Service adheres to practices and measures in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing (AML).

2. The purpose of these measures is to demonstrate that the Service takes seriously any attempts to use its service for illegal purposes.

3. Service warns users against attempts to use the service for money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud of any kind, as well as from using the service to purchase illegal goods and services.

4. To prevent operations of an illegal nature Service sets conditions for all Requests created by the User:

4.1 The sender and the beneficiary of the Payment Order must be the same person. Transfers in favor of third parties using the Service are strictly prohibited.

4.2 All the contact details stated in the User's Order as well as other personal data must be truthful and correct.

4.3 Orders created by the User using anonymous proxy-servers or any other anonymous Internet connections are strictly prohibited.

4.4 The User gives its consent to the Service to record, process and store all the User's activity and personal data for the whole time of using the Service.

4.5 The User gives their consent to the Online Service to perform any research, which the Online Service deems necessary, as well as to involve third parties to achieve the research goals. This consent is given once and applies to an unlimited number of studies for the duration of the data retention period according to clause 4.4. of this AML policy.

4.6 The User gives their consent to the Service to engage specialized services (a third party) to carry out the KYC procedure.

4.7 The User gives their consent to the verification of all transactions performed by Amlbot service. The wallet addresses of all transactions will be automatically checked by AML for Darknet Service, Illegal Service, Mixing Service, Darknet Marketplace, Scam, Fraudulent Exchange, Gambling, Stolen Coins, Ransom, etc.

If a connection is detected and/or the percentage of risk is more than 50%, the exchange is stopped and the refund procedure is initialized to the purse from which the funds were received.

4.8 For a refund, you must provide a screenshot (video) of the transfer from the wallet, as well as the hash of the transaction and the address of the cryptocurrency from the mail specified in the application for exchange.

4.9 The refund can be made only to the account of the User specified in the Application or from which the Service accepted the Assets, except for the cases in clause 4.10. of the policy.

The return, subject to approval by the Service, will be processed by the Service within 7 (seven) calendar days, starting from the date when the User was notified with the decision of the Service regarding his return request.

4.10. The Service may make concessions and perform a refund to the User's account other than the one specified in the Application, after a full KYC according to clause 4.6. if the Cryptocurrency Asset or tokens need to be returned.

4.11. The Service's fee for the Refund is deducted from the amount of the Asset returned to the User.

4.12. The Refund can be made only for the amount not exceeding the amount of the Asset sent by the User to the Service accounts for the Exchange;

4.13. The Service withholds a 3% commission for the Returns stipulated by the Policy.

5. If the administration of the Service suspects that the User is attempting to use the Service for money laundering or any other illegal transaction, the administration has the right to

- Suspend the user's exchange operation for the duration of the investigation;

- To return the funds according to paragraph 4.9 minus the commissions according to paragraphs 4.11, 4.12;

- request additional information concerning the payments;

6. All information provided by the client can be transmitted to the appropriate authorities in the following cases

- at the request of law enforcement authorities;

- at the decision of courts of different instances;

- at the request of Administrations of Payment systems.

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